Legal solutions at the leading edge of science and technology.

Change is the only constant for businesses these days.  In litigation you’re already facing – large or small – Law in Motion: Downs, LLC, mined the latest brain science and social intelligence for crucial insights on how to win.  We stay abreast of evolving research on the workings of the human mind and social relationships to take persuasiveness to the next level in negotiations, discovery, and trial, setting the firm apart as trial counsel.  Drawing on years of experience with how judges and juries react when something didn’t go as planned, we’ll help you prepare.  

Law in Motion is a new kind of firm, embracing disruptive technologies that help clients perform better, more efficiently, and with less risk.

If you’re investing in smart devices and the Internet of Things, figuring out how automation and apps can strengthen your business and make customers happier, exploring artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, robotics, and drones, you’re likely ahead of the curve.

We’re on the journey with you, embracing emerging technologies to serve you better.  Let’s work together to manage the accelerating changes we all face, from the design phase to the courtroom.