Onboarding a new IoT device to your network can be frustrating, requiring you to revamp multiple network credentials so that approved employees can use the device.  There is currently a lack of trusted onboarding procedures and life cycle management for IoT devices.  This can lead to the connection of unauthorized IoT devices to your network, […]

Are IoT devices making a concrete difference in civil discovery? ┬áThe answer is yes, but we’re still in the early stages. ┬áThe trend, however, suggests that eDiscovery is likely to undergo a sea change in the next 3-5 years, if courts direct defendants to produce raw IoT sensor data or big data analytics derived from […]

Many of us have jumped on new smart devices that make things easier at home.  But as discussed in other posts, IoT devices are still plagued by security issues.  The FBI has weighed in with recommendations for anyone connecting a smart device at home.  “Your fridge and laptop should not be on the same network,” […]